EVIE Smart Home
Charging System

After 5 years of extensive Research & Development, two industry-leading companies based in the UK and Far East have joined forces.
Moss Electrical and Huade Technology are excited to announce the launch of their EVIE 7.2KW Charge Point into the UK market.

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The Perfect Home Charging Solution

Our EVIE Smart Home Charge point has been designed to provide the user with the perfect charging solution for the home & commercial space. All users can control EVIE using their mobile phone, allowing them to monitor all their charging activity. An LCD touchscreen is also included to operate the charger manually with RFID cards.

Easy to Install

Mobile Phone Operated

SMART Integration

IK10 Impact Resistant

Flame Retardant

RFID Function

IP65 Weatherproof

Analytical Feedback

Additional Cables Available (Type2)

Strong & Durable

Open Charge Point Protocol

LCD Screen


  • OZEV grant approved
  • 3 year manufacturer guarantee
  • Input Voltage 230volts, 32amp, IP65
  • EVIE Charge WIFI Monitoring App included for home users and operators
  • Built in independent MID Meter, Intermediate Relay, Solid State Relay and Type B Residual Current Monitoring Module for earth protection
  • Built in independent DC power supply for PCB
  • Earth rod not required
  • Type 2 connection

  • Mode 3 charging
  • Ready to install with standard wall bracket and fixings
  • Ground mount stand available
  • Type B RCD - Provides a stable and reliable protection both for EV battery life and user’s safety. Prevents DC leakage offering further protection for the unit
  • OCPP1.6 Json cloud based software platform compliant
  • 3 RFID Cards supplied as standard (pre-paired)
  • Security keys and lock
  • Ethernet interface
  • Emergency stop button

Download the
EV Charge App

Our “EVIE Charge App” app is available for home users and operators and compatible with Android and Apple devices.
Just search “EVIE Charge” in the App Store or Google Play or click on the links below.

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