Installation guide

The EVIE installation Guide aims to provide an overview of the Installation Manual and includes brief instructions of how to install one of our units

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Download all important documents for the EVIE Smart Home Charging in PDF format.

Installation Manual

Step-by-step unit installation guide including list of accessories supplied, internet connection instructions, EVIE app guide and important safety information.

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No Earth Rod Required Statement

The EVIE range Charge Point hardware contains proprietary technology that allows direct connection to a PME (Protective Multiple Earthing) supply, negating the need for an earth rod.

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Technical Datasheet

An introduction to EVIE, including all technical information

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Optional Extras

Purchase a variety of accessories from your EVIE, including charging cables and portable chargers.

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How to Claim the OZEV Grants

The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles will provide a 75% contribution to the cost of one electric vehicle charger.

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We are proud to offer crystal clear protection for your EVIE Smart Home Charging solution. For further details about the extent of your coverage just download our warranty policy.