Warranty Information: EV Charge Service and Support

When used under normal operating conditions, your charging unit will be covered with a warranty period of three years (from the date of original purchase). If, during the warranty period, your unit becomes defective in breach of the warranty, EVIE will, upon written notice of the defect, either repair or replace the EV charger. The warranty will not apply to defects or service repairs resulting from the following circumstances:

  • Improper site preparation or maintenance.
  • Improper installation.
  • External damage to the unit.
  • Wi-Fi/internet/app connectivity issues, not related to the unit.
  • Abuse, vandalism or damage caused by accidents, misuse or negligence (including but not limited to, physical damage from being struck by a vehicle).
  • Damage to the unit caused by software, interfacing or other parts not supplied by EVIE.

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We are proud to offer crystal clear protection for your EVIE Smart Home Charging solution. For further details about the extent of your coverage just download our warranty policy.